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Family Law

Because family law cases are emotionally charged for all involved, our clients appreciate the calm and confidence exuded by our family law attorney. Having twenty-five years of experience litigating cases in the Fulton County family law courts enables us to direct matters more efficiently through the system to the desired outcome.

Family Law in Georgia

Family law in Georgia encompasses issues arising from marriage including mental and physical abuse of the spouse and/or the children, child custody, support and visitation. Other common family law issues arising from marital and domestic partnerships include, but are not limited to, alimony, annulment, adoption, legitimacy and surrogacy.

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Child Custody

Georgia child custody laws provide joint custody or visitation for spouses, grandparents and guardians. Physical and legal are the two types of child custody.

Schedule a consultation to discuss your circumstances and learn how we can help you establish custody and/or visitation of your child or grandchild.

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Temporary Orders and Violations

Because family law cases can take months and even years to resolve temporary orders and violations are available. Such an order assigns legal and physical custody and child support throughout the litigation or settlement process. Violations are consequences written into temporary orders should they be violated.

We routinely assist parents, grandparents and other family members attain a temporary guardianship of a child or children until the case is settled.

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Modification of Court Orders

A court can modify all or part of a prior order to address issues of child custody, support and visitation, and alimony.