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Alpharetta Attorney at Law

We are an accomplished and respected law firm located in the city of Alpharetta, Georgia. Our local law firm practices divorce, family and business law in Fulton County. We are available to you by phone or use our consultation form for a private electronic response.

Established Fulton County Attorney

Divorce and family courts can be unpredictable; that is why an established Fulton County attorney is essential to a successful outcome. You will find our procedural approach based upon legal precedents highly efficient and advantageous.

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A Seasoned Divorce Attorney

When marital issues eclipse happiness, security and reason, restore your peace of mind and experience the confidence only a seasoned divorce attorney can provide.

We serve clients with high net worth and complicated divorce related tax issues. Together, we will create a divorce strategy in which all family members benefit.

Divorce requires strategic thinking and execution to ensure a binding and lasting divorce decree.

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Family Law

A well-prepared family law attorney familiar with the intricacies of the Fulton County family courts is your best chance for success.

Family law involves alimony, child support and custody which may have been previously decreed, but now requires applications or changes based upon circumstances. These are known as modifications and enforcement of court orders.

An amicable solution for all which avoids family court is our goal, but if faced with no alternative, we have twenty-five years’ experience winning the desired outcomes for our clients.

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Business Law

Clients find our business law services among the most comprehensive in Fulton County. We practice all types business law from business formations to complex litigations and contract disputes.

We also facilitate business transactions and author iron clad contracts, employment and lease agreements as well as the purchase and sale of a business.

Proven Legal Expertise

Our founding partner and lead attorney, graduated Harvard University then forged a prominent 25-year career of successfully litigating some of the most complicated legal cases in Fulton County while building this law firm. It is our belief that every person has the right to safety, pursue happiness and earn a living. When your legal rights are infringed upon, we can help.

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